Künstlerhaus Bethanien  

Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin - Kreuzberg, 20 - 21 Oktober 2006, 19 – 21 Uhr.

(Programme further down)

The Pineapple Project Room was founded 1996 in Malmö, Sweden by artist Torbjörn Limé as an extended tool for
artistic practice involving development, production, collaboration, networking and exchange on an internationel and
domestic level. Since the beginning, The Pineapple has been exploring a huge amount of methods and environments
to present art and discourse in a variety of technical, spatial and social contexts within and outside Sweden.
For instance: the co-founding of Sparwasser HQ introducing a Scandinavian profile on the art scene of Berlin, The Pine- apple Net Society (an internet space for digital projects), a 10-points course at the Art Academy of Malmö entitled "The
exhibition space as a tool for artistic practice", production of the international CD-ROM exhibition space called "Space-
less" and co-owner of ID:I, an artist run gallery in Stockholm. During the years nearly 400 artists from various
countries have been participating in exhibitions, projects, events and in other contexts.

The Pineapple Videobar is the latest project and started two years ago. The main purpose is to be an intermediary
for video, film, sound and related arts offering diverse programmes and events in a relaxing atmospheare. Parallel to
showing video programmes at different venues, the Videobar is also collecting material and building an open archive for
future visitors. The on-going Videobar Tour has also presented concerts with electronic music as well as presentations of
sound and digital art. www.thepineapple.cc / bananas@thepineapple.cc

The programme at Künstlerhaus Bethanien consists of an international blend of artists. The underlying theme
concentrates on subjectively experiencies as well as on explorings of the self. It deals with identity and environment,
existence and relations, about everyday life in the society through narration, research and interviews. Sometimes
narrative staging and sometimes with a documentary approach, the videos in the programme tries to raise reflections
and thoughts concerning subjectively values, both using methods of self-portraits and the way of learning by inter-
viewing people who are characterising a topic of interest. The programme visualizes opinions belonging to the multitude
of thoughts concerning the question 'who are we?' and its topics of desire, dreams and projections etc. Visible is the
contradiction between the subjective and the objective. An example is the biography over the Vietman soldier Roman Martinez and his schizofrenic experiences in Vietnam, as both a choir-boy and a killing maschine. Life and origin, as we
know by our own experiencies and by watching television, has a multi-faceted shade of different faces.

Torbjörn Limé, visual artist, born 1963 in Trollhättan (Sweden), lives and works in Malmö and often in Berlin.
He studied at the Malmö Kunstschule Forum and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. He has an interest in
contemporary economical structures and how they influence people on a daily basis. Embodying the topic in his art pro-
duction, he uses a diverse range of technics and media to form a discourse.

Programme: Friday 20th October 2006, 19 - 21.

Short introduction by Torbjörn Limé

01. The Pineapple On Tour Intro 02:00 min
02. Grady Gerbracht/Claudia Vieira: Underline 03:00 min
From USA/Brasil, lives in New York. During a short stay in Kyoto, they did a mapping of the city using a tandem bike
and a video camera following the white stripes of the streets.
03. Annika Ström: All My Dreams Have Come True 01:28 min
From Sweden, lives in Brighton, UK. In this short movie the artist herself experiencies the popular sentence and its meanings in Swedish while she is asking her mother to translate it into English.
04. Meng Yeh Chou: The Moment 01:18 min
From Taiwan, lives on Taiwan. Her film shows, with humorous, the viewing regarding to gender and the use of the video
camera as a focusing eye.
05. Rachel Mayeri: Stories From The Genome 14:08 min
From USA, lives in Los Angeles. The starting point of her animated story is the doctor who cloned his own DNA-code in
a research project. He was later discovered and accused.
06. Lena Mattsson: Are Dreams Made Of This? 02:28 min
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. As the title tells, the film deals with a dream sequence where a philosophical question is
argued, which many believe, is a natural masculine instinct.
07. Kristen Rønnevik: Shake That Leg - a twitch 01:47 min
From Norway, lives in Malmö, Sweden. The moment when someone is suddenly breakdancing in front of you in the
supermarket, and breaking everyday routines, is captured with dedication.
08. Jannike Låker: Sketch For A Rape Scene 08:34 min
From Norway, lives in Berlin. Her video shows the shooting of a violently scene in a movie, an unpleasant situation
which the audience may would like to avoid.
09. Marie Denis: Couleur Locale 02:50 min
From France, lives in Paris. Like a ritual, a puzzle or a painting, a movement of cars takes place to fit into the best
structure which gives the strongest result to visually express a symbolism of colour.
10. Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: Absolute Exotic 04:25 min
From Philippines/Denmark, lives in Copenhagen. A catchy act of singing and dancing where the songtext is focusing
on women as sexual commodities in an ethnical and trendy supermarket.
11. Torbjörn Limé: Der Rhythmus Gegen Hartz IV 03:40 min
From Sweden, lives in Malmö and Berlin. Workers marching in the streets against the deconstruction of our social
welfare, unemployment and against new suppressional laws raised by the governement.
12. Simone Zaugg: Schwarzes Märchen 06:13 min
From Switzerland, lives in Berlin. The story references back to old violent fairy-tales for kids having the attributes
and elements of moral blackness and punishment.
13. Natascha Peña: White Nights 03:59 min
From Chile, lives in Malmö, Sweden. A performance video which shows the artist barefoot and whitely dressed on
small snowy hill drawing circular movements in the snow.

Total length: (approx) 55:50 min


14. Erik Pauser: The Two Faces Of Roman Martinez 42:00 min
From Sweden, lives in Stockholm. A documentary showing how a choir-boy is becoming a top killing-machine in
Vietnam altering his ego schizofrenically getting lifetime inner wounds and nightmares.
15. neuroTransmitter: Frequency Allocations 17:25 min
From USA, lives in New York. A demo on the streets of New York informs about the fact that huge corp-orations and
federal regulations are appropriating nearly all the invisible radio frequencies around us?

Total length: (approx) 59:25 min

Programme: Saturday 21st October 2006, 19 – 21.

Short introduction by Torbjörn Limé

01. The Pineapple On Tour Intro 02:00 min
02. Anders A: Who Are We? 02:00 min
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. A colourful and noisy description of different appearances of gender and age in a
spaceless and floating environment.
03. Valerie Tevere: Palm Trees On Madison Avenue 11:56 min
From USA, lives in New York. Her mapping shows people's imagination of well-known places they never have visited
but maybe would like to have. People from New York tells about Los Angeles and vice versa.
04. Magnus Bärtås: Who Is Dimitris Houliarakis 09:55 min
From Sweden, lives in Stockholm. In his series of "Who is... " Magnus Bärtås makes close portraits of mostly foreign
men from Balkans, telling about their life, job, background etc. This film portraits Dimitris.
05. Unni Gjertsen: Guarding An Iceberg 05:34 min
From Norway, lives in Oslo. An European woman is walking around in Taipei with an ice-block in her hand, an odd
thing on a warm and humide island. She would like to know everyone around the world!
06. Michael Johansson/Thore Soneson: In Search Of The Militant Code 04:02 min
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. What has happened to the, in future-existing, city of Abadyl? It has been destroyed,
only some computer files are still existing and the research to find out has just started.
07. Diego Castro: Cheap Trick 03:13 min
From Germany, lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. Making a burlesque of the fine arts high status thinking, this movie
performs a popular circus trick accompanied by an easy tune.
08. Narve Hovdenakk: Metro 05:00 min
From Norway, lives in Malmö, Sweden. You never see the interviewer but getting all the ansvers concerning men's
superficiality, appearances and consumption of sexual attributes.
09. Mattias Härenstam: Hundekälte 12:05 min
From Sweden, lives in Berlin. The story has ressemblances to the subjective experiences of Franz Biberkopf in
Berlin - Alexanderplatz, enclosed and confronted by the city as a threatening anti-subject.
10. Jonathan Podwil: Crashtest 00:30 min
From USA, lives in New York. A crashtest is a test to see if a car is safe enough to let people survive after smashing
a wall or a pillar. Originally a Super-8 track gives the sequence a trashy esthetic.

Total length: (approx) 56:15 min


11. Lana Lin: Taiwan Video Club 13:56 min
From Taiwan, lives in New York. From the Taiwanese television, her mother is copying programmes and distributing
them in USA as a way for emmigrants to maintain a contact with their country and former history.
12. Laura Bruce: I Love Paris 04:30 min
From USA, lives in Berlin. The actress of the film tells about all the small things that make the routines and her daily
life nice and comfortable, nearly as an unattainable dream.
13. Astrid Göransson: A Model 03:47 min
From Sweden, lives in Kvidinge, Sweden. "A Model" deals with a nude model's life and occupation, her different
dreams and role-plays in life. Music by Matmos and more.
14. Per Teljer: South Of Heaven 30:35 min
From Sweden, lives in Berlin. Strong language, sexual and violent but absurd, South Of Heavenis chocking giving
a rude picture of today's society and its different forms of social intercourses.
15. N Haghighian/F Zeyfang/J Hopf: Proprio Aperto 05:56 min
From Germany, live in Berlin. A documentation of the Biennale area in Venezia during the off art season showing the
condition of the spaces without any arty ingredients.
16. David Krantz: The End 02:24 min
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. "Blessed is he who stands in the beginning because he will experience the end and he
will not taste the death (The Evangelium of Thomas).

Total length: (approx) 61:08 min