The harvester  

The Pineapple Project Room is an artist run platform and
creative tool for collaboration, communication and networking
on an international level. Research and process develops
continuously the context and practice of the exhibition space as
an opportunity to create interesting meetings. The Pineapple's
method of working is based upon nearness, an open-minded
attitude and flexibility. It was founded 1996 with, since the
beginning, permanent activities in Malmö, Berlin and Stockholm.

The project The Pineapple Videobar is an extended and mobile
space with focus on video art and motion pictures in fusion with
adjacent audiovisual technics. The Pineapple Videobar is supported
by the Art Grants Committee in Sweden and Digitala Bildverk-
staden, Malmö.

The Pineapple Testsite - El Terreno is the last project. It was
founded in March 2008 as an experimental environment for cultivation. The main reason is an exploration of a micro-economy
concerning ecological production of food for a sustainable future.
This reason raises thoughts of other ways of surviving economically
in a world where big companies determine the rules. The idea
behind El Terreno is also a part of the workshop "Ecological
Colonialism - creative environments for a sustainable future"
during the upcoming European Social Forum in Malmö,
17 - 21 Sept, 2008. The workshop is supported by IASPIS.

Project manager: Torbjörn Limé, visual artist