The Pineapple special program for European Social Forum  
  Exhibition: Outlook   17 - 21 September 2008 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  The Pineapple Videobar: Women Filmmakers   17 - 21 September 2008 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  The Pineapple Videobar: OM SMUTS   17 - 21 September 2008 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  Workshop: "Ecological Colonialism -
creative environments for a sustainable
  17 - 20 September 2008 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  Lize Mogel - Atlas (Artist Talk)   Thursday, 18 Sept, 17.00 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  DJ Cono (Tango workshop, Queer Tango)   Friday, 19 September, 21.00 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  Workshop presentation (Ecological Col.)   Saturday, 20 Sept, 17.00 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  Popol Vuh (Concert: latin-american music)   Saturday, 20 Sept, 19.00 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  Annou (Butoh performance)   Saturday, 20 Sept, 21.00 (Mitt Möllan - Leonard)  
  The Pineapple testsite   The Pineapple Project Room is an artist run platform and
creative tool for collaboration, communication and networking
on an international level. Research and process develops
continuously the context and practice of the exhibition space as
an opportunity to create interesting meetings. The Pineapple's
method of working is based upon nearness, an open-minded
attitude and flexibility. It was founded 1996 with, since the
beginning, permanent activities in Malmö, Berlin and Stockholm.
The project The Pineapple Videobar is an extended and mobile
space with focus on video art and motion pictures in fusion with
adjacent audiovisual technics.
The Pineapple Videobar is supported by the Art Grants
Committee in Sweden and Digitala Bildverkstaden, Malmö.
Left picture: The Pineapple Testsite - El Terreno
  Outlook   Exhibition: OUTLOOK

(a place for looking out from, a view, prospect, a prospect
for the future, mental point of view)

"Outlook" is presented during European Social Forum in
connection with the on-going workshop "Ecological Colonialism -
creative environments for a sustainable future". The exhibition
gives a multi-coloured image of the situation today concerning
such important facts as labor, power, maps and borders, urban-
planning, economical perspectives and cultivation.
The participating artists are The Learning Site which focuses
on the local conditions in which its art practice is located,
Anna Brag and Michel Thomas
whose video tells about
people's weekday in different places around the world, Magnus Denker who investigates the maps of used working gloves,
Lize Mogel
who is an interdisciplinary artist who works with the
interstices between art and cultural geography, Natascha Peña
which is going to fold papers into an installation of cranes
symbolizing the annual upcoming spring, Christel Lundberg
who is working with creative processes in the urban city space
and Torbjörn Limé whose economical field work transforms
into artistic practice.
  White Nights by Natascha Peña   The Pineapple Videobar: Women Filmmakers
(scroll down for screening-program)

Left picture: White Nights by Natascha Peña
  Om Smuts  

The Pineapple Videobar: "Om Smuts"

Director and production: Torbjörn Limé - Progressiv Form 2008
Choreography and concept: Annou Nilson

(No subtitles, first night during ESF-2008)

How does it look, the dirty body? Which are your stories
about dirt? What kind of disgrace is engraved in your body?
Is it possible that dirt can be beautiful and in which moment
turns the beautiful into dirt? In an earth-bounded realistic
dance the sex women are effacing the borders between
dirt/purity, ugly/beautiful, disgrace/pleasure and intimacy/

Choreography: Annou Nilson
Dancers: Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi, Doris Bengtsson,
Karin Holmberg, Sabrinha, Elin Kattler, Susanna Thulin
Music: Martin Thulin (+ a song by Yoko Ono & The Peaches)
Light: Moa Daimar
Costume: Signe Norgren/Annou
Stage design: Annou
Production: Den vita kamelkaravanen 2008

The performances at Barnens Scen, spring 2008, in Malmö is
produced with support from Malmö Kulturstöd, Glokala Folkhög-
skolan and Folkuniversitet. Thanks to DCSYD.

  The Pineapple Testsite   Workshop: "Ecological Colonialism - creative
environments for a sustainable future"

The workshop discusses and investigates different creative
environments whose aim and direction is to create micro-
economies for a sustainable future in an increasingly globalized
and commercialized world. Above all we are concentrating upon
land, that is owning of land and the rights to use land. Outside the
city of Malmö, at the moment, is in full progress a development of
huge infrastructural changes. Enormous cultivation areas and aged
fruit-farms are having to give space for a huge sport stadium, a
gigantic shopping mall, subterranean trains, highways, transit
spaces, a marshalling yard, an entertainment center, hotels and
of course, all over, car-parks. Which economies will, in the near
future, have the admittance to these environments and which will
be excluded?
The workshop is supported by IASPIS.

Workshop presentation (Saturday 20 Sept, 17.00,
Mitt Möllan - Leonard)
  Lize Mogel   Lize Mogel: ATLAS (artist talk, Thursday 18 Sept, 17.00
Mitt Möllan - Leonard)

This Atlas is an atlas and not the atlas. Rather, it is one of many
possible atlases, given the abundance of artists, architects, and
others using maps and mapping in their work. While all maps
have an inherent politics that often lies hidden beneath an
“ objective” surface, the contributions to An Atlas of Radical
Cartography wear their politics on their sleeve. This publication
and exhibition project includes politically engaged maps and texts
from within the growing movement of cultural producers who have
parallel or integrated activist practices.

Lize Mogel is an interdisciplinary artist who works with the
interstices between art and cultural geography. She inserts
and distributes and cartographic projects into public space and
through publications. She is the co-editor of "An Atlas of Radical
Cartography and co-curator of the traveling exhibition "An Atlas."
The artist talk is supported by IASPIS:
  DJ Cono   DJ Cono (Queertango workshop, Friday 19 Sept, 21.00
Mitt Möllan - Leonard)

Coming from Santiago Chile and was forced to leave his country
during the era of the military dictatorship. Here in Malmö he is
co-founder of the tango club "Tango Sofielund" which is organizing
weekly tango events, special milonga evenings, annual festivals,
camps and concerts. Besides acting as DJ in his own club he is
touring the south of Sweden playing refreshing tango music
for body and soul depending on atmosphere and crowd.
  Popol Vuh   Popul Vuh (Concert, Saturday 20 Sept, 19.00
Mitt Möllan - Leonard)

The music group "Popul Vuh" was founded in 1982. The name
is coming from the Mayas Holy Writ. Our aim is to maintain, to
promote and to spread the Latin-American folklore and culture
through our music. We are a lot engaged in the cultural and
political activities that are arranged, especially here in Malmö.
Our principal mission is to support and to raise international
solidarity between Latinamericans and Swedes, further on
solidarity between all groups of people. The band consists of
seven people (Roberto, Juan, Marcelo, Aniceto, Fernando, Percy
och Carlos), five Bolivians, one from Peru and one from Chile.
We are playing Latino rhythms and songs with the help of various
string instruments such as guitar, charango and tiple together
with different wind-instruments such as quenas and zampoñas.
Drums and a variety of percussions are also used to give our
music a saturated sound. We are singing in spanish, quechua
and aymara which are different Latin-American languages.
  Annou   Annou (Butoh performance, Saturday 20 Sept, 21.00
(Mitt Möllan - Leonard)

Imaging Kinjiki
This is a free reconstruction and a subjective analysis of the
dance piece Kinjiki which was created in 1959 by Tatsumi
Hijikata. At this time it revolutionized the experimental artworld
in Tokyo because of its violent scenery.
First night will be in Malmö during ESF 2008, 20 min.

Annou is a free-lance scene artist/dancer and choreographer
living and working in Malmö, Sweden. She has worked as dancer
for, for instance, SU-EN Butoh Company, Memory Wax and Malin
Skoglund. Annou has also made choreographies for dance-
performancies such as Jag känner ett sorts ljud which participated
in the Danssolution at Dansescenen in Copenhagen (2006) and
Om Smuts which was performed at Barnens Scen, Malmö, spring
  Outlook exhibition: presentation of the participating artists
(17 - 21 Sept, Mitt Möllan - Leonard)
  Tellus2000   Anna Brag and Michel Thomas

Tellus 2000
Artist Anna Brag and photographer Michel Thomas made a
journey through 6 continents at the turn of the millennium;
Talking with people, making personal comments on daily life,
the movie is a subjective reflection of the world at this moment
in time.

More info at:
  Magnus Denker   Magnus Denker

"And as things fell apart. Nobody paid much attention"
Talking Heads

Working gloves have an obvious patina from the work they have
carried out. Some of them has also traces from wind and weather.
A huge-sized image of a working glove gives a difficult-rendering
map of its former working condition. They are all very individual
and I started to think how Maria, for example, has been depicted in
art. How the placing of her hands gave clues to which scenery in
the Bible the artist was going to describe.

Thoughts over working gloves found in the industrial harbour
in Malmö 2007/2008.
  The Learning Site   The Learning Site

"The Learning Site focuses on the local conditions in which its art
practice is located. This entails a critical examination of the material
resources and economies available within specific situations. Each
situation may entail examination of economic and environmental
factors, but also labor rights, property rights and the production and
distribution of knowledge, which are investigated in tandem to
produce a variety of different critical perspectives".
  Torbjörn Limé   Torbjörn Limé

He makes economical investigations through active field work in
urban and rural environments which he transforms into artistic
practice. It can turn out to be video pieces, photo, paintings or
environmental installations concerning an economical reality of
today and in the light of the history in different parts of the world.
He also founded The Pineapple Project Room for over ten years
ago as a platform for artistic interchange, investigations of different
spaces, both physical and digital, for presentation of art and its
possibilities as communities or open spaces for nutritious meetings
and discussions.
  Christel Lundberg   Christel Lundberg

She works with ecocentric art and is organizing Public Globality
Gardens ( at the same time as she is
collaborating with the Danish art group YNKB with the art project
"Office for connection to land". Focus in both this projects are to
participate in creative processes concerning the public city space.
Other projects are "Active to ground", ( together
with Sofia Häyhtiö concerning the relation between industrial
ground and working class, and "Rights to cultivate the land" in
collaboration with Kultivator and Octava/Plan 3. A project which
deals with cooperative processes in relation to cultivation directed
towards immegrants with agrarian background at the center of
Gamlegården in Kristianstad.
  Map by Lize Mogel   Lize Mogel

Lize Mogel is an interdisciplinary artist who works with the
interstices between art and cultural geography. She inserts
and distributes and cartographic projects into public space,
including in Los Angeles (Public Green, 2001) and the Wood River
Valley, Idaho (Migration Routes, 2007), and via publications. She
is co-editor of the book/map collection "An Atlas of Radical
Cartography" and co-curator of the exhibition "An Atlas", which is
touring nationally. She also co-curated "Genius Loci", an exhibition
of conceptual mappings of Los Angeles (Sci-Arc, Los Angeles,
California Museum of Photography, Riverside). She has also
worked with groups including the Center for Land Use Inter-
pretation and the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest.
Exhibitions include the Gwangju Bienniale (South Korea,) Gallery
400 (Chicago), Overgaden (Copenhagen), and the upcoming
“ Experimental Geography” (ICI, touring). She has received
grants from the LEF Foundation, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Danish Arts Council for her work.
  Welcome Spring   Natascha Peña
Wecome Spring will be an origami installation with cranes made
of paper which are hanging from the ceiling at different levels.
The cranes are folded of papers containing the international
agreement of environment and space in the world (2007) using
different languages. From the ceiling and on the top of the cranes
direction to the floor the same text is projected. The spring is
coming every year but to a planet which slowly is altering its
condition because of war and destructive economical forces into
chaos with consequenses for milieu and human suffering.
Nora by Claudia Reinhardt
Nora by Claudia Reinhardt

WOMEN FILMMAKERS: The Pineapple Videobar
(17 - 21 Sept, Mitt Möllan - Leonard)

Annika Ström: All My Dreams Have Come True 01:28 min
From Sweden, lives in Brighton, UK. In this short movie the artist
herself experiencies the popular sentence and its meanings in Swedish while she is asking her mother to translate it into English.

Meng Yeh Chou: The Moment 01:18 min
From Taiwan, lives on Taiwan. Her film shows, with humorous, the
viewing regarding to gender and the use of the video camera as a
focusing eye.

Rachel Mayeri: Stories From The Genome 14:08 min
From USA, lives in Los Angeles. The starting point of her animated
story is the doctor who cloned his own DNA-code in a research
project. He was later discovered and accused.

Lena Mattsson: Are Dreams Made Of This?
02:28 min
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. As the title tells, the film deals with
a dream sequence where a philosophical question is argued, which
many believe, is a natural masculine instinct.

Jannike Låker: Sketch For A Rape Scene
08:34 min
From Norway, lives in Berlin. Her video shows the shooting of
a violently scene in a movie, an unpleasant situation which the
audience may would like to avoid.

Marie Denis: Couleur Locale 02:50 min
From France, lives in Paris. Like a ritual, a puzzle or a painting,
a movement of cars takes place to fit into the best structure
which gives the strongest result to visually express a symbolism
of colour.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: Absolute Exotic
04:25 min
From Philippines/Denmark, lives in Copenhagen. A catchy act of
singing and dancing where the songtext is focusing on women as
sexual commodities in an ethnical and trendy supermarket.

Simone Zaugg: Schwarzes Märchen 06:13 min
From Switzerland, lives in Berlin. The story references back to
old violent fairy-tales for kids having the attributes and elements
of moral blackness and punishment.

Natascha Peña: White Nights 03:59 min
From Chile, lives in Malmö, Sweden. This video performance
shows a process of purification, restoration of life and human
dignity against destructive forces such as war.

Valerie Tevere: Palm Trees On Madison Avenue 11:56 min
From USA, lives in New York. Her mapping shows people's
imagination of well-known places they never have visited but
maybe would like to have. People from New York tells about Los
Angeles and vice versa.

Unni Gjertsen: Guarding An Iceberg
05:34 min
From Norway, lives in Oslo. An European woman is walking
around in Taipei with an ice-block in her hand, an odd thing on
a warm and humide island. She would like to know everyone
around the world!

Lana Lin: Taiwan Video Club 13:56 min
From Taiwan, lives in New York. From the Taiwanese television,
her mother is copying programmes and distributing them in USA
as a way for emmigrants to maintain a contact with their country
and former history.

Laura Bruce: I Love Paris 04:30 min
From USA, lives in Berlin. The actress of the film tells about all
the small things that make the routines and her daily life nice
and comfortable, nearly as an unattainable dream.

Astrid Göransson: A Model 03:47 min
From Sweden, lives in Kvidinge, Sweden. "A Model" deals with
a nude model's life and occupation, her different dreams and
role-plays in life. Music by Matmos and more.

Åsa Maria Bengtsson: Surface 03.00
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. The scene is laid somewhere
in the countryside of Sweden. Image and sound tells different
stories, a threat is present in a idyllic landscape.

Claudia Reinhardt: Nora
From Germany, lives in Berlin and Bergen. Her video shows
Nora from the theater play "et dukkehjem" by Henrik Ibsen
as a man in women cloth dancing a wild dance while you hear
Helmers voice from the off dissing her action.

Lisa Jeannin: Black Master, Red Master, Blue Master
06:18 min. From Sweden, lives in Antwerpen, Belgium. What
happens when the deads wake up from their graves and the
living-deads are turning out be ninja masters?

Katarina Kvarnsjö: På Cirkus 00:32
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. A short animated cartoon, in
black and white, where a cat jumps from spot to spot.

Marit Lindberg: Flamenco In Taipei
From Sweden, lives in Malmö. This is a portrait of a woman
from Taipei, Taiwan whose dream is to be a flamenco artist
living in Spain.

Total length of the program: 103.28 min

The Videobar project is supported by Digitala Bildverkstaden,
Malmö and Arts Grants Committee in Sweden.

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