S P A C E L E S S  
After a couple of years on the road in UK and Germany, The Pineapple Project Room is back where it once started...
in Malmö, Sweden. It's not about a new physical exhibition space, rather a natural refinement and updating of our mobile philosophy. We would like to stretch our exhibition concept and therefore we move our activities to the virtual world of a CD-ROM space.

The title of the new project space/platform is SPACELESS. While Pineapple is a project room for contemporary art with the possibilities to show 'work in progress', we ourselves want to continuously change and explore different opportunities to show art. Everybody knows the 'White Cube', but how to model an ever lasting space or a surface for experiences and to be communicative with art? The goal of The Pineapple is always to go further on and with curiousity stretch the limits. It is a continuous progress and research and we look upon our work to spatially socialize the art scene as a process of artistry, comparable to a studiowork with paint, brushes and canvas.

SPACELESS works dynamically between site and non-site. At the same time as the CD is easy to worldwide distribute and may collectively show up on computer screens globally, so is always the social gathering important for us.
The CD-ROM contains works by the following artists:

Karin Hansson
David Krantz
Katrin von Maltzahn
Eline McGeorge
Jonathan Podwil
Petri Raappana
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen
Åsa Sonjasdotter
Dominic Thomas
Tjader-Knight inc.
Magnus Wassborg

Your Pineapple team is
Torbjörn Limé och Bjørn Wangen.


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