The Pineapple Testsite
The Pineapple Testsite - El Terreno is the last project by the Pineapple-crew. It was founded
in March 2008 as an experimental environment
for cultivation. The main reason is an explor-
ation of a micro-economy concerning ecological
production of food for a sustainable future.
This reason raises thoughts of other ways of
surviving economically in a world where big
companies determine the rules. The idea
behind El Terreno is also a part of the workshop
"Ecological Colonialism - creative environments
for a sustainable future" during the upcoming
European Social Forum in Malmö, 17 - 21 Sept,
EL Terreno   El Terreno   El Terreno   El Terreno   El Terreno      
                 empty space...   ...planting out tomatoes...   ...watering...   ...growing squash-fruits...   The harvest this year gave a fantastic collection
of squash-fruits with enormous sizes.