THE PINEAPPLE - INFORMATION (short notes)      
  Way back in the summer of '95 the first steps to establish an independent and
artist run space in Malmö, Sweden was shaped. One year later the name was
born and the first exhibition saw daylight in January 1997. This year 2005, the
idea of The Pineapple celebrates its 10 years anniversary.

The driving force in 1995 was the lack of a dynamic and pluralistic art scene.
The vision is still to explore a continuous and ever changable open city space
free from commercial interests focusing on the social aspects of art and its
production in relation to the society. Since the beginning a great number of
spaces, both physical and virtual, have been developed and explored.

The structures of The Pineapple platform is based on communication, net-
working and joint operations in an international and domestic context to
stimulate a creative flow.

Our established method of work is based on closeness, an open-minded atti-
tude and a flexibility to the art scene and its producers and consumers of all
ages. Process is important to give strength to art 'on the go' and to juxtapose,
to link and to unite contemporary art in development within the frame of an
extended meeting place framing non-profit research and cultural studies.

The platform is both a co-operative link between the members of The Pine-
apple as well as an environmental co-op tool to fertilize exchanges of visual,
political and social values.

In the year of 2000 Sparwasser HQ in Berlin was founded in collaboration with
artist Lise Nellemann from Denmark. It was the first art space in Berlin with a
Scandinavian profile. It is still run by Lise Nellemann.

Since the beginning in March 2002, we are co-owners of the gallery space
ID:I in Stockholm. Our first show in 2002 presented a collaboration with
students from the Malmö Art Academy, a 10 point course entitled 'The
exhibition space as a tool for artistic practice'. and

After touring UK and Germany our mobile philosophy led naturally in 2004 to
take off into the dub of spacelessness. We launched our CD-ROM space called
Spaceless and could simultaneously pop up inside PC's worldwide. The content
of the first issue has an open span and attitude... from intricate computer
programming to art which is both familiar and complex in its visualization,
as The Pineapple itself.

In August 2004 The Pineapple was reshaped from artists Bjørn Wangen and
Torbjörn Limé into a non-profit association. The crew consists now of Magnus
Denker (photographer), Torbjörn Limé (artist), Lena Mattsson(artist), Cecilia
Wendt (artist) and Annika Wiström (curator).

Since then The Pineapple is back on the physical track again with the new
environmental project entitled Videobar. Read more under the tab Videobar!


Malplaquetstrasse, Berlin - Wedding, 22nd July 2005

  Collaboration between Torbjörn
Limé and Bjørn Wangen 2005
within the framework of The
Pineapple. Tanzmachine will be
shown at Galleri ID:I in Stock-
holm, opening 27th of August.
(Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm)
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