The Pineapple Videobar is our latest platform developed in an organically
sense from our established method how to deal with the framework of an
extended art space as a tool for artistic practice.

Video is today a common media among artists. Lots of galleries and institutions
are temporarily showing videos, some institutions even have a special room
for casual screenings but there are not so many who are focusing on video as
the main topic.

Process and joint operations combined with an extensive networking system
make the non-profit space Videobar to a physical site and a position for video
and motion pictures. The name implies a space for social intercourse, a
meeting-place where, parallell to experiencing the head acts, you can make
research in the video library or in other documents together with refreshments
or just to chill out with a friend.

The visitors will not only have access to video detached from its surroundings,
rather it's an extended audiovisual ambience for motion pictures intergrating
kindred medias like sound art, electronic music, digital experiments,
performances etc.

Production, presentation, dialogue and reflection are important components
and aspects to make border-crossing and experimental video plus its close
related medias accessible to a broad audience of various ages. Our forth-
coming and informative program will offer interesting possibilities to deepen the knowledge, including e.g solo, group and thematic exhibitions, discussions,
talks, lectures, music, Djays.....

Our basis is to act regional in an international context to stimulate exchange
and flow. Videoart will be situated in a creative centre which will accumulate
and generate showing potentials for a huge amount of artists.

Within the Videobar project, we are collaborating with Digitala Bildverkstaden-
the Digital Lab in Malmö. The junction with their resource of technique and
knowledge will link together the facilities of realizing and presentation to
become a powerful asset.

The first part of the Videobar project will be the mobile screening tour which
will be launched in Stockholm at Galleri ID:I the 10th of September 2005. The
touring program will have an international character as well as guests and live
acts. On the road, it will gather new contributions extending and varying the
program at the same time as the library becomes wider and more assorted.

When The Videobar screening Tour stops at Malmö Konsthall (Kunsthalle
Malmö) the 24th of September during the popular Gallery Night, when all
institutions and galleries are open late, the VideoMiniBar or the so called
Videomat will join in. This, the very first time, it will present nine artists and
members of Digitala Bildverkstaden. The presentation will be the first co-
production between Digitala Bildverkstaden and The Pineapple. The Video-
MiniBar is an old slot-machine transformed into a presentation channel and
are having nice prices.

Anders Remmer from Copenhagen, Denmark is the man behind the music
and the environmental sound for the Videobar space. During the stop at Kunsthalle Malmö he will bring his equipment over the bridge giving a concert.

Web responsibility and project manager: Torbjörn Limé

Bar- and environmental photos: Magnus Denker

The Pineapple Videobar has been realized through and supported by
Konstnärsnämnden - Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond (the Arts Grants Committee) in Stockholm and Digitala Bildverkstaden - Skåne in Malmö.


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